The Brussels Liver Research to Valorisation Consortium (B-Liver), integrates the complementary liver cell biology, pathology and toxicology expertise of Vrije Universiteit Brussels’ liver research groups of IVTD and LIVR.

B-Liver’s mission is primarily grounded in established models and technology, but also extends into higher-risk emerging innovations towards liver modelling, toxicity prediction and therapeutic strategies in liver disease. 

What we do?

  • Collaborative R&D
  • Liver cell based testing, modelling and analytical services
  • Diverse liver cell based products, including stem cell models, spheroid models, HT compatible, co-cultures… etc
  • Liver biology and toxicology consultancy
  • Public health and consumer safety consultancy
  • 3R alternative methodologies technologies and dissemination platforms

B-Liver Technology Platforms

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News & Events



Horizon 2020 – start 1/5/2021

Providing  a functional and sustainable solution for advancing human risk assessment of chemicals without the use of animals.

Tamara Vanhaecke​



Knowledge for Growth 2020 (digital edition)​
HepaSCREEN highlighted in TTO Showcase


Joery De Kock (Invited Speaker)​
Gene Therapy session​ “Reaching beyond the limits of nature to cure inherited metabolic disorders of the liver”​ &​ Panel discussion "Immunogenicity for gene therapy"