A platform of diverse human-based hepatic in vitro models & technologies for therapeutic and diagnostic applications

HepaSCREEN takes a tiered approach to the development of a range of industry relevant models and tools for liver toxicity, disease prediction and therapeutic applications. The platform comprises a diverse range of human-based (stem) cell models, ranging from simple (2D, high-throughput compatible…) to more complex hepatic cell systems (3D, co-cultures, fluidic…), tailored to DILI, NAFLD, NASH and diagnostic applications.

HepaSCREEN models

We look for partners who require adaptable in vitro models and tools towards industry needs. 

Funding & Projects


iPSC-based parenchymal and sinusoidal liver cell for DILI and NAFLD studies (iPSC​-LiMic)

led by Leo van Grunsven


In vitro  model based on human skin-derived stem cells to study de novo lipogenesis in the liver

led by Tamara Vanhaecke


A novel pooled functional genomics strategy in inducible pluripotent stem cells for the identification of therapeutic targets for liver fibrosis

led by Leo van Grunsven


Twinning towards excellence in alternative methods for toxicity assessment

led by Tamara Vanhaecke


Generation of an adverse outcome pathway network on cholestatic liver injury for mechanism-based in vitro testing of chemicals

led by Mathieu Vinken