Development and valorisation of evolutionary medicines through directed protein evolution (DPE) technology. 

Within EvoMED we develop therapeutically driven solutions via Directed Protein Evolution (DPE). ​
Two proof-of-concept valorisation tracks are established based on inherited metabolic disorders (IMD) of the liver. ​


The development of new gene therapy approaches for IMD of the liver by designing tailor-made enzymes that overcome current therapeutic roadblocks. 

See: Proposed Gene- and Probiotic-therapy strategies for HT1



Targets the efficient conversion of human somatic cells into specific target cells for therapeutic or in vitro use by designing superior forward/reprogramming factors using DPE technology. ​​

Proof-of-principle study is underway to generate superior hepatic forward/reprogramming factors. Once established, this generic approach could be applied to obtain any target cell of interest. ​​